Drive the success of your organistation with Power BI insights & visualisations

Effective usage of data is one of the cornerstones of digital transformation. Companies willing to be truly data-driven need to be competent in working with data and extracting valuable information out of it.

We address these kind of needs by coupling technical expertise in Power BI with our interdisciplinary approach and research methodology. We will empower your organisation to extract crucial insights and present them in an intuitive visual way.

How we will approach your Business Intelligence project?

Joint workshop

We will discuss together the extent of needs of your organisation in terms of data and analytics. We will choose the right KPIs and measures.

Data architecture

Your data needs to flow smoothly to the place where it can be digested. Our team will propose the best data pipelines.

ETL/ELT layer

Usually, the data needs to be transformed in order to be effectivelly used. We will take care of that.

Interactive dashboards

The goal of BI is to provide you with the right information, well presented and allowing for interactive analysis. We will build great dashboards that fit your needs.

Data quality

Working on data that is correct is essential in BI. We will be testing the outcomes of analysis and in case of errors we will be working together with you on improving data quality.

Solution maintenance

Business intelligence should not be set in stone and has to evolve along with the organisation. We will be supporting so that your BI solution is spot-on all the time.

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What are the outcomes for your organisation?

Operational awareness

The management needs the information necessary for everyday decisions. Our detailed reports on the financial and operational position of the company will give you just that.

Data-driven decisions

You need to be able to make the right decisions based on facts and numbers. We will provide you with the right and accurate analytics.


Your organisation needs a fast reaction time to constantly changing business landscape. For that reason the reports we create can be updated each day or even more frequently.

Improved efficiency

One of the main goals of business intelligence reporting is to drive costs down and improve the financial side of your business. We will take care of providing you with the right information.

Improved performance

If your organisation needs to extract valuable insights that will drive the improvement in operational performance then our analysis of large volumes of data will make it happen.

Root cause analysis

Often you may need a detailed drill-down analysis and identification of the root cause of business issues. Our research experience will help you build the right kind of business intelligence.

How can you work with us?

We work in two ways and the choice really depends on your needs and the approach of your company towards data-related projects. We either run the whole project or provide staff augmentation.

Project: We take care of managing the project from the first draft up to final delivery. You do not need to recruit people, assign them tasks or make decisions on technology.

Staff augmentation: You manage the project and the people we provide you with function as part of your team. We take care of recruitment and providing you with talent.

Regardless of the mode of cooperation we guarantee people with top-notch skills who can handle even the most demanding data tasks.

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