Monetisation of Big Data from physical infrastructure

Client: A major telco provider in Poland.

Challenge: Client had large volumes of log data that was a by-product of SIM cards connecting to transceivers. This data could be potentially used to analyse user behaviour and build commercial data products.

Solution: There were several steps necessary to build the product and we supported the client with our expertise on each step. We translated customer inquiries into detailed requirements. We merged different sources of data – public statistics, maps and logs from physical infrastructure. Specific queries had to be developed (bilions of logs per day put specific constraints). An econometric model was build to accurately extrapolate population from number of observable SIM cards. Layouts were developed to pack the analyses into eye-catching documents and files. We also acted as technical support for sales team.

Outcome: A new data product was developed consisting of detailed analyses of transportation pattern of Polish population. The product is commercially available on Polish market.

Data architecture for an IoT product

Client: One of the leaders of Polish Automotive sector.

Challenge: Client was developing a proof of concept for a new service line around on-board diagnostics data. One of the major challenges was building a proper dataflow.

Solution: The IoT solution required an IT architecture using devices, applications and backend elements, including those from sub-suppliers. We have built data structures and architecture for data flow and storage. Together with the client, we have built a system consisting of an IoT device, mobile application and backend. We also managed the implementation by coordinating the various teams working on the project.

Outcome: The product was launched and was available as a service for customers.

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Business Intelligence for controlling department

Client: One of top 10 private healthcare providers in Poland.

Challenge: Client wanted to expand its capabilities in financial and operational controlling. However, historically they did controlling based on Excel files and did not have sufficient business intelligence competence on board.

Solution: The reporting process based on Excel files was only partially structured. We developed the reporting based on Power BI. Reports were based on queries from client’s IT systems and was automatically updated. The work also involved merging information from different data sources and various data governance tasks necessary for properly matching identificators from different IT systems.

Outcome: The reporting based on Power BI allowed for automated reporting. This significantly lowered the number of errors and the number of manhours it takes to generate reports.

Data Engineering & BI reporting

Client: Company from chemical sector.

Challenge: The client wanted to prepare BI reporting which would provide additional value to their end customers.

Solution: As 10 Senses, we provided the client with a team working on a Business Intelligence project. Our team focused on data engineering and BI visualizations based on a wide set of data sources from various cybersec vendors. The Client had a complex data environment on which the Power BI report series was based.

Outcome: We built data pipelines and reporting dashboards based on demanding data from cybersec environment.

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How can you work with us?

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