Address your business challenges with our expertise in Machine Learning

By using machine learning algorithms your organisation is capable of automating important tasks, supporting workers and improving user experience. The number of useful AI use cases is considerable and keeps growing each day.

Effective application of AI is not always an easy feat. Fortunately, we are here for you providing not only AI skills but also a thourough understanding of data engineering, data governance and old-school data analysis.

How we will approach your Machine Learning project?

Joint workshop

We will discuss together the extent of needs of your organisation in terms of ML modeling. We will choose the right technology, frameworks and metrics.

Data architecture & ETL/ELT layer

Usually, the data needs to be transformed and sampled in order to be effectivelly fed into a machine learning model. We will take care of building data pipelines for you.

Feasibility study

The solution needs to fit your needs. That is what Proof of Value is for. We start with data exploration and then evaluate potential ML models to find the best one for production.

Fine tuning

To ensure that your ML solution does its job we will split the data into training, validation and test sets. We will use cross-validation to find optimal hyperparameters.

Model deployment

Your ML solution has to work efficiently and at scale. To achieve that we will use MLOps principles to put your model into production environment.

Solution maintenance

Machine learning should not be set in stone and has to evolve along with the organisation. We will be supporting you so that your ML solution is spot-on all the time.

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What you will achieve by doing Machine Learning with us?

Automation of manual tasks

Use AI models to read and extract valuable information from documents or sweep through large datasets to precisely pinpoint relevant information. Our team will support you with its experience in doint just that.

Prediction & scoring

Using algorithms you can effectively predict client behaviour such as churn or loan repayment. Our team will support you in using AI to build a more optimised management of client portfolio.


With our technical skill you will be able to use historical data to model future demand and plan sales logistics and operations accordingly.


Together with our experts you will be able to apply recommender systems create playlists, lists of products or services. These both increase the user experience and drive sales.


Machine learning will allow you to do automated classification of transactions, client type, objects or actions. At 10 Senses we know how to use this technology to drive the value of your business.

Hypotethical scenarios

You can plan and execute analyses of alternative scenarios for products or market conditions. We will share our research experience to make such analyses most effective.

How can you work with us?

We work in two ways and the choice really depends on your needs and the approach of your company towards data-related projects. We either run the whole project or provide staff augmentation.

Project: We take care of managing the project from the first draft up to final delivery. You do not need to recruit people, assign them tasks or make decisions on technology.

Staff augmentation: You manage the project and the people we provide you with function as part of your team. We take care of recruitment and providing you with talent.

Regardless of the mode of cooperation we guarantee people with top-notch skills who can handle even the most demanding data tasks.

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