We use modern data engineering stack

Data engineering is the backbone of our work. Depending on client’s need, we use one or more popular modern cloud platforms such AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or IBM Cloud.

Everyday we deal with vast amounts of data. To cope with this challenge we build effective datapipelines and dataflows. We deliver just that with tools such as Databricks, Azure Synapse and Data Factory or Airflow.

We are also aware that the langauge we speak in the data world evolves. For this reason we use not only long-standing standards, such as SQL, but also stay on top of state-of-the-art langauges such as Python, PowerQuery, KQL, coupled with interfaces like PySpark.

Reporting with Power BI tools

Power BI is not only a reporting platform but also a whole ecosystem of tools and platforms. It allows for ingesting data from virtually any source using PowerQuery and Power BI Dataflows. The data can then be effectively transformed with DAX language. This makes Power BI a potent ETL/ELT plaftorm.

Power BI offers plenty of predefined tools, layouts and charts to build realtime interactive dashboards and visuals.

Reports can be automated with Power Automate. Concerns regarding data protection can be mitigated with using MS Information Protection and MS Cloud App Security.

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AI models fuelled by the right technology

AI models increasingly drive business. However, they rely heavily on the effective use of technology. At 10 Senses, we apply standard modern machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, PyTorch or Keras.

We want the models to be both easy to work with and convenient when put in production. For this reason we use Jupyter Notebooks and Docker virtual environment. We build full production workflow with platforms such as Azure Synapse, Databricks or Airflow.

For version control, smooth team collaboration and CI/CD (Continous Integration/Continuous Development) we use Git on platforms such as GitHub, Azure DevOps or AWS CodeCommit.

UiPath Process Mining toolkit

UiPath is a more known for its RPA tools. However, the company is also one of leaders in process mining technology. Having its roots in intelligent automation UiPath is especially focused on the link between process mining, process optimisation and various process automation initiatives.

UiPath Process Mining provides connectors and data engineering tools for seamless data integration with popular ERP and CRM systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.

At 10 Senses we have certified UiPath Process Mining developers on board to assure a smooth implementation.

Are you looking for expert skills for your next data project?

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How can you work with us?

We work in two ways and the choice really depends on your needs and the approach of your company towards data-related projects. We either run the whole project or provide staff augmentation.

Project: We take care of managing the project from the first draft up to final delivery. You do not need to recruit people, assign them tasks or make decisions on technology.

Staff augmentation: You manage the project and the people we provide you with function as part of your team. We take care of recruitment and providing you with talent.

Regardless of the mode of cooperation we guarantee people with top-notch skills who can handle even the most demanding data tasks.