We have founded 10 Senses with the idea, that by combining digital sources of information with domain expertise we can solve our clients' challenges.

We are an interdisciplinary team of data scientists and data engineers. Originally, we come from the quantitative social sciences. For this reason, we focus on the intersection between business questions and technical aspects of deriving insights from data. By using this approach, we can help you bridge the gap between business and IT.

In our work we apply state-of-the-art algorithms and various business intelligence tools. We feed them with data using a modern data engineering stack.

Founding team

Łukasz Borowiecki, PhD


Statistician with years of experience in research projects

Marek Zieliński


Data engineering and machine learning magician

Why us?

10 Senses is a team of experts focused on modern data analytics technologies.

  • Extensive data experience: When doing work for you our experts bring on board their experience from over 100 data analytics projects.
  • Continous support: We will support you during each stage of generating value from your data.
  • 360 approach to data: We provide you with comprehensive services in data-related fields combining data engineering, business intelligence, process mining and machine learning.
  • Interdisciplinary approach: We are able to provide you with better insights from your data by combining research methodology from social sciences and natural sciences i.e. physics.
  • State of the art technology: We will deliver work for you based on the modern data analytics stack.
  • Team players: Whenever our specialistis face a challenge they get support from fellow team members so that your project is delivered as smoothly as possible.


See our case studies to know more on how we have helped our clients in the past.

Team discussing insigths from data and approach to data engineering
How can you work with us?

We work in two ways and the choice really depends on your needs and the approach of your company towards data-related projects. We either run the whole project or provide staff augmentation.

Project: We take care of managing the project from the first draft up to final delivery. You do not need to recruit people, assign them tasks or make decisions on technology.

Staff augmentation: You manage the project and the people we provide you with function as part of your team. We take care of recruitment and providing you with talent.

Regardless of the mode of cooperation we guarantee people with top-notch skills who can handle even the most demanding data tasks.