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The success of your company is increasingly reliant on the ability to acquire, manage and extract value out of data. However, staying competitive in the data realm is not easy. Each year there are new tools and frameworks and it may be simply very time consuming to keep up with technology.

We can support you in this challenge. Our team has years of experience in turning data into value. We also invest resources in being up to date with the latest data tools. By handing over a data project to our team you get access to expert knowledge, best practices.

How we will approach your data project?

It always starts with a business challenge or an organisational need. These can be a need for data engineering, upgrading Business Intelligence or building machine learning models. Not always is there a clear understanding on how to tackle the challenge but that is ok. We are here for you to pin it down.

At this point we need to discuss how to move on with the project, who should be engaged and what is the expected timeline.

We want to engage your team from very early on. It is critical that both IT and business departments are included as this ensures that the needs of the organisation are met.

During workshop we discuss the goals of the project andthe  expected shape of the solution. We will also discuss the technology stack so that it both serves its purpose but also fits the current technologies used in the organisation.

We propose a solution which would best address your needs. It will include the choice of the technology, expected outcomes and an estimation of the required resources.

There will also be a backlog of high level tasks necessary to schedule and coordinate the work.

It is important to verify the feasibility of the project and assess its business value for your business. The length of proof of value depends on the business challenge and may vary from days to weeks and in some cases even months.

When undertaking a proof of value it is crucial to clearly define the goal of the project. It is also important to establish sensible criteria for assessing the success of the project.

If proof of value is successful and delivers business value it can be put in production. This phase, however, is not just simply about scaling of the product. It will usually require additional elements and some elements will need to be rebuilt. It is necessary to ensure the reliability and performance of the final product.

Products and services based on data need to evolve accordingly to changing needs of the organisation. To properly do that it is necessary to take care of data governance to avoid potential pitfalls along the way.

It is also crucial to take care of proper promotion of data products within the organisation.

Data products need support maintenance. Once the project is successfully completed it is up to you to choose either to assign these tasks to us on an SLA basis or take care of them  by your organisation. In the latter case we would provide the necessary knowledge transfer.

When do we recommend a project approach?

Cases where commisioning a project is a good choice:

  • You don’t have the necessary skills in-house and want someone else to run the project for you
  • You do not want to invest in building the team
  • You do not want to manage the project or recruit the right people
  • You need to get results fast so you prefer to skip the step of developing your own team


If your goal is to extract valuable information from data then we have the right experience for you. Our team has dozens of quantitative research projects under the belt. We can translate your business needs into carefully planned projects and make technology work for your success.

Do you want to launch a data project?​​​

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