Drive the success of your data project with access to our experienced staff

The success of your data projects relies heavily on the skills and experience of the team. Some lucky companies have a well-rounded and numerous data team in-house. However, if you’re among the majority of those who struggle to recruit talent or simply do not want to keep a sizeable data team on payroll then you can turn to staff augmentation with 10 Senses.

With staff augmentation you manage the project and we hand over skilled professional who enrich your team. This gives you access to additional pool of skills that you may not currently have. And if any technical challenges arise, our employees have the support of the whole 10 Senses to ensure that the work is done timely and with highest quality. In financial terms, you pay only for the work that was actually done and do not keep additional people on payroll.

How we will provide you with staff augmentation?

In order to successfully complete your data project you may need talent a particular profile or some specific technologies.

Regardles of whether it is data engineering, business intelligence, data visualisation, machine learning or process mining – we can support you with experienced and skilled staff that will effectively drive your project forward.

Your needs are central to our joint work. For this reason we would like to know more about the project, your endgoal, the technologies you need and your approach to managing projects.

The more we can pin down the challenge that you face the better we can address it and support you in achievieng success.

We will provide you with CVs of potential staff for your project. Our focus is in matching your needs and requirement with potential employees so that they can blend in your team as fast as possible.

Once we finalise the agreement we take care of constant availability of the talent pool. We take care of payroll, insurance or training. In short, we keep a watchfull eye on your success!

When would staff augmentation best fit your needs?

Cases where staff augmentation works great are:

  • You already have a team working on data projects but need additional resources for a period of time
  • You need some very specific skills which are hard to find and recruit
  • You need additional data people but do not want to expand your team at this point
  • You want to expand your team but there is not enough talent on your local job market


At 10 Senses we work as a team. So regardless of whether we supply you with just one person or a few people you have access to the experience of the our whole team.

Do you need support from experienced data professionals?

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