Why should you attend BI Trends Day 2023?

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We all need to up to date with data analytics

Often data professionals face challenges when it comes to data usage, including managing the growing volume of data, selecting meaningful KPIs, conducting effective analytics, data governance and balancing revenue growth with cost control. In today’s rapidly changing technology environment it is often not easy to select and deploy the right enterprise analytics technologies.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which technology stack will best meet the organization’s needs. Additionally, successful deployment of technologies and platforms requires significant expertise and resources, including skilled data scientists and IT professionals.

Choosing the right Power BI conference

When seeking the right analytics platforms, ETL solutions, and deployment approaches are we are often faced with a glut of technical information from sources such as white papers and conferences.

There are many business intelligence conferences, especially Power BI events. Some of these are multi-day events, which include panel discussions, multiple tracks and community experts. An example here is Power BI Summit, probably the biggest Power BI conference for BI professionals using Microsoft Power BI.

Participating in a conference requires time and effort

However, from the perspective of decision makers, sifting through all the multitrack sessions and keynote speeches can be time-consuming and require significant effort, which many managers simply do not have. This is why we organize Business Intelligence Trends Day 2023. A virtual conference where we cover key topics in 2023 around analytics using Power BI with a specific focus on practical use of the technology.

Power BI Conference, BI Trends Day 2023, will feature 7 speakers

Summary of key technologies in Power BI in 2023

Our Power BI event is curated – we chose the topics which are currently important when it comes to using Power BI. It’s exactly the things you should be considering when thinking about how to make your next analytics project a success. We have invited renowned industry experts who will be covering Power BI topics and who will share their own experience.

We understand that your time is valuable so instead of a multi day event our conference is just 4 hours long and packed with useful knowledge. By participating you simply save time and get a fast update on major features and technologies in Power BI. For each of the topics we want you to get an answer to three questions:

  1. What tools do I have? Meaning what is this particular feature or technology and how it fits into the whole Power BI landscape.
  2. What levers does it give me? How a particular Power BI technology or feature operates, what are its components and where to use it.
  3. What is the business value? What will you get when using a particular technology – be it ROI, business value or cost saving.

Topics covered during Business Intelligence Trends Day 2023

During our event there will be 7 speakers each one covering a separate Power BI topic. The general agenda of the event is as follows.


  1. Current best practices in Business Intelligence
  2. Roadmap for analytics using Microsoft products
  3. Great data visualization
  4. Power BI Embedded
  5. Using Power Automate with Power BI
  6. CI/CD for Power BI
  7. Modern data stack for Power BI

The speakers will also be covering various other topics such as Power BI premium, Power BI report server, power query, mobile experience etc. Basically, everything that is currently crucial for a modern Business Intelligence solution built around Power BI.

What we don’t cover during our Power BI conference

There are also topics which we don’t cover during our event as they don’t have, in our opinion, such a big topic yet. We don’t cover various intersections of machine learning and deep learning with Power BI. We also don’t put focus on chatbots, virtual assistants or technologies such as ChatGPT.

During our Power Bi Conference we will cover topics such as virtual assistants or chatbots

Benefits of a virtual conference

Business Intelligence Trends Day is a great way to get up to date with the latest and most important topics in Power BI and related technologies in Microsoft Azure stack. Our conference is organized and available only. There is a trade-off here. Standard physical conferences and in person events, such as those organized in Las Vegas, allow for discussion table talks, give networking opportunities by connecting speakers with participants.

Virtual conference saves your time and money

However, by attending a conference run virtually, you save time spent while in travel. You can watch the speakers and also network online without having to move anywhere. The event is recorder so you can participate live or watch the recordings afterward.

All you need is an internet connection.

How to attend the conference

Business Intelligence Trends Day takes place on 15 March 2023. It is available online, with live session starting at 10am CET (for Europe) and a repeated stream of the original session at 12pm EST / 9am PST (US time zones).

You can check the agenda and register here:

Oh, and if you missed the date or could not attend live – don’t worry. You can still watch the recordings on a later date. To access the sessions recording follow just register: BI Trends Day 2023 – 10 Senses.

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