It was great to see you all at the eXplainable AI Day 2024

A recap of eXplainable AI Day

It was a pleasure to have you actively participating during eXplainable AI Day 2024. A lot of work has been done to prepare the conference to stand out as a premier event in the field of AI, and we are pleased with the result. The effort we invested has truly paid off.

Our preparation was extensive, from actively promoting the event across social media platforms to optimizing the ClickMeeting platform. We began by launching a marketing campaign in Poland and globally to make it accessible to all those interested in understanding the AI decision-making process. We took care of promotion, created graphics, which we then shared with our speakers to enable them to promote eXplainable AI Day and share it among their colleagues and business partners. Additionally, we sent emails to inform individuals within the industry that such an event was taking place, aiming to broaden the audience and maximize participation. We collaborated with many business groups to widen our reach and facilitate access to insightful speeches offered during the conference. Moreover, we promoted the conference on LinkedIn, providing people with details and foster connections among attendees.

eXplainable AI Day by the numbers

Our last event, which took place the previous year, gather 117 attendees with 57% of the registered individuals participating. We were determined to surpass this record and we succeeded! For eXplainable AI day 2024, 326 people registered, showcasing a keen interest in understanding AI decisions. To sum up, 194 people actively participated in our event, with the peak viewership reaching 137 attendees immersing themselves in the world of explainable AI. After the conference many people reached out to us with positive feedback. The attendance rate was high with 60% of registered participants attending the event. This is a much higher result than what is typically achieved in the case of online events.

Conference talks available on YouTube

Our conference was structured into three blocks. The first one focused on regulatory aspects in AI, presented by our Keynote Speaker, Joris Krijger, the AI & Ethics Officer at the Volksbank, who discussed the importance of explainable AI. Following him, we had Łukasz Węgrzyn, Head of IT and Data Team at Osborne Clarke, who presented on turning compliance into competitive advantage.

The second part was focused on practical use cases and tools for explainable AI. It began with a presentation on Machine Learning in e-commerce by Witold Zaklukiewicz, the Data Science Team Leader at Following that, Mariusz Jurczyk discussed the role of AI in physical infrastructure, drawing from his experience as the Executive Director at TAURON Polska Energia. Agnieszka Niezgoda showcased the Power of Azure AI. As a Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft, she deals with challenges like this on a daily basis. The final presentation in this section was by Mike Guzowski, Co-Founder of Developico, demonstrating how to automate processes in a hyper-agile manner.

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The final section focused on explainability techniques and effective methods for reporting AI decisions. The first speaker was Łukasz Borowiecki, CEO of 10 Senses, who presented on Machine Learning models for CRM. Following him, Mikołaj Sacha, Head of Machine Learning at, highlighted common errors in modern image processing models and discussed integrating interpretability for safer solutions. Lastly, Marek K. Zieliński, CTO of 10 Senses, discussed practical examples of documentation generation and best practices for trustworthiness and efficacy. This presentation also addressed the challenge of balancing model complexity with the need for transparency.

Our lectures, delivered by experts in the field, are already accessible on our YouTube channel. For those who wish to experience the essence of the conference, even if they weren’t able to attend in person, we have compiled the entire playlist. We highly encourage you to watch all the presentations below or by following this link: 

Looking ahead

As we bid farewell to eXplainable AI Day, we’re already looking ahead to the future. The connections made and lessons learned over the past few days will shape our journey moving forward. We’re excited to build on the momentum generated by our event and continue driving innovation in the AI industry. We extend our gratitude to our incredible speakers for generously sharing their expertise on AI explainability. We also express our sincere appreciation to all the attendees who joined us virtually during the conference, for their active engagement in discussions and their contributions to the event.

Now, you can access all the presentations for free on our YouTube channel, without any limitations.

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you at the second edition of eXplainable AI Day next year.

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